Good Enoughism

Our society drives us to strive, critique, improve and then strive more. When do we ever reach a point of satisfaction? I am attempting to stop this frantic pace to reach near perfection and exit at a place of “good-enoughism”, finding contentment and acceptance of how God designed me.

It’s one of those traps I fall into – seeing the best in others and noticing what is lacking in myself. For example, in my desire to publish a blog I want to have something exceptional to share. I think about various topics but the thoughts I mull over in my head don’t make it past a draft because they are not fascinating explorations of something that has never been considered. They are ordinary thoughts about loving God and others.  I imagine traveling to faraway destinations but circumstances and finances limit me so I just keep wondering when it could happen and feeling sad because the answer looks like never.

What if I accept something less than perfect as good-enough so instead of staying stuck, I move forward? That doesn’t mean I will never write an excellent blog or have memorable vacations, but this paradigm shift in thinking enables me to live in the present instead of waiting for just right. 

Instead of hesitating to volunteer believing someone else would do far better performing the task, I can offer myself and trust God will accomplish His purposes. I can give myself the same grace to grow as I would give someone else instead of expecting that I should have it all together by now.

I encountered the name of a ministry called “Broken Crayons Still Color.” What an inspired name reminding us God is a master artist who uses broken people to manifest His glory. In the hands of God, our lives are not about being perfect or even good enough but that Jesus is more than enough.

One thought on “Good Enoughism

  1. This is a another beautiful and soul-touching post. Without realizing it, Lynn illustrates her own premise with every one of her blog posts. The power of her thoughtful writing is that she never tries to dazzle, never tries to compete, never tries to be flashy— she just lets the Scripture and our Savior speak through her. Thank you, Lynn.


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