Our Adversary

Your adversary lurks like a prowling lion waiting for someone he can destroy – 1 Peter 5

Last week we were on vacation. It was beautiful time away at the beach with one exception. We agreed to listen to a time share presentation in order to receive a $100 gift card. We have participated in similar spiels over the years, but each time I come away thinking how similar the tactics of the selling agent and the strategies of Satan.

The agent finds out what you want and tailors the package to what you desire. He is well-trained to sell by creating a false need for something that is not necessary or even good for me, making me believe I should prioritize this goal. He points out all the benefits and hardly, if at all, mentions the steep costs. He glosses over any objections, keeps at continually repeating the need to act quickly, wearing me down, maiming me by confusion and doubts.  At this point, I want out and become susceptible to saying yes just to escape. Before I realize it, I am suckered into something that in the long run will be very costly to my well-being, finances or relationships.

He may speak half-truths in such a convincing manner that I accept everything he is saying hook, line and sinker. His lies are clever, entwined with logical, sensible statements. If I am not on guard, I am duped. (As an aside – I realize if I cloak my language in half-truths by only disclosing what is in my best interest, I am like the enemy. Yikes!)

While the end game of a time share agent is to sell me a vacation package to further his own financial gain, the enemy of our souls has a much more destructive agenda. He wants to extinguish the light of God in us.

Knowing this, I still fall prey to my adversary’s deceit.  But more and more often, I am able to detect and resist his traps. I am an overcomer because I stand strong in the Lord and in strength of His might.

2 thoughts on “Our Adversary

  1. You were wise to know what the timeshare scheme was as it unfolded.

    We were duped some 20 years ago into getting a timeshare. We were younger, our defenses were not keen as yours as we listened to glowing benefits of having a timeshare, convinced that we could use it for our vacation plans, not realizing the flip side of the deal. Paying annual maintenance fees while not being able to use our timeshare when we wanted to, we finally freed ourselves of this….a burden was lifted.


    • Adela – years ago we did buy into a time share and they frequently keep trying to get us to increase our share So this most recent time, we were wiser but even so they were so convincing in the moment.


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