Seated with Christ in Heavenly Places

God raised us up with Christ and seated us in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus. Ephesians 2:6

This is one of those phrases that seems a bit confusing. God states that I am presently seated (not will be seated) in heavenly places in Christ. With my eyes I see one thing, but that is not the reality.  My physical body is here on the earth, yet somehow, I am also seated in heavenly places.

Many churches are good at explaining the way Jesus’s perfect life and sacrificial death paid the price to redeem us from sin, but when we delve into the epistles, we learn in Christ we have not only redemption but many others amazing provisions. But because of the great exchange, Jesus in place of me, I have attained a new position where I am seated with Jesus.

Being seated implies rest or completion. One doesn’t sit down while there is still work to accomplish. Jesus accomplished everything necessary for my salvation and eternal life, so I can rest in the work He has done. It is finished!

Being seated in heavenly realms causes me think of authority. Since we are seated with Christ, we have already been granted authority in Christ. This is not an authority to force our own way but His power to bring about His kingdom and showcase his glory by speaking life into a dying world and employing prayer to tear down enemy strongholds.

Being seated also makes me think of rest. It is hard to sit still when one is anxious. Since we are seated, we can view from a heavenly perspective those sovereign ways of God and not get tossed around by every circumstance in our days.

When we are seated with Jesus, his face is closer and clearer and the things in this world appear smaller and less significant in light of his presence and glory.

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