Dear Friends…

Friends are the flowers in the garden of life

Thank you to Priscilla, Linda, Maria, Ellie, Ashleigh, Miki, Debbie, Adela, Denise, Jill, and Carole for consistently reading my blog entries over the last year. For anyone else who takes time to read what is on my heart, I appreciate you! For this is a place where I express who I am and what is important to me.  

For most of my life I have kept my thoughts to myself by thinking I don’t have much to say that has not already been said. Although I still believe this, now I share the things I ponder in this blog. Even though in conversations, I am reluctant to talk a lot about myself, I find I enjoy processing my thoughts though writing. 

Maybe we are all like this – icebergs- in the sense where only 10% is exposed and the other 90% dwells beneath the surface. I want to be known and perhaps because I realize I am keenly known and deeply loved by Jesus, I have courage to publish my words and expose my struggles. I want others to fall more in love with Jesus as we follow in His footsteps together.

Recently I was challenged to come up with a purpose statement which I had no intention of writing because I thought, “My life is the Lord’s and He can choose for me anything He determines best.” However, after reflecting on John 1, I decided upon this:

To know the Living Word (Jesus) thought his written Word (the Bible) so my life becomes a picture of the Word expressed in order that others may also long to know and be transformed by the Word of God.

I am so grateful for each of you and your encouragement to keep writing and for the privilege of sharing life with you. Love, Lynn


In spite of how we have been told that our world is shrinking and becoming interconnected, more and more people are experiencing deep isolation and loneliness. Yes, we negate this by tallying our likes or followers or by engaging in mind numbing activities, but this allusion of connectedness is not true intimacy. How many of us have someone who will regularly hear the thoughts of our heart? 

The author of the Little Prince narrates his journey of searching for someone who can understand, yet everyone he encounters is focused on their own goals and interpretations of life to the extent none were able to step into his world to understand him. This loneliness, felt even in the midst of people, can feel like being stranded in the Sahara Desert without water.  Although you learn to learn to engage in superficial conversations, a part of you inside is untouched and fading because no one will step into your story.

He asserts that most people do not have a single true friend because friends cannot be bought in a store (or ordered on-line).

Even in the midst of people, a spirit of isolation pervades.

Isolation is produced by what we are thinking as much as our circumstances. The more I believe the lies that “I am unlovable; I am insignificant,” the greater isolation I will experience.

Sometimes the heaviness and darkness of this world seems overwhelming, and the enemy may tempt us into believing we are all alone in this dark, cruel, and uncaring world- that is a lie! Psalm 34:18 tells us the Lord draws near to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Hebrews 13 says Jesus will never, ever leave or forsake us. Romans 8 assures us that nothing in all of creation can ever separate us from the deep love God has for us.

Recently, I read about an amazing feat in World War 2. My husband, the history major, was of course familiar with this, but I was not. The Germans had stranded the British forces at a coastal French town called Dunkirk. They were isolated with no way out until England called for a day of prayer. Then every small and larger boat was appropriated for a rescue mission to bring the isolated back. It wasn’t done by the huge naval vessels but by individuals who were willing to see a need and meet it with the resources they had. 

Let us unite in prayer to come against this stronghold of isolation perpetrated by the forces of darkness. The light of Christ shines into the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome.  Consider how you can use your small vessel do what you can to reach someone who is isolated. Like the boats at Dunkirk, thousands of vessels bound by a single cause rescued the isolated and returned them to safety.

Unexpected Destinations

Many of my friends are experiencing empty nests as their adult children move out of their homes.  While I understand some of their sadness since our daughter lived in China for 3 years and our son in the Air Force is stationed almost 2000 miles away,  I don’t think we will ever have an empty nest because Joshua will continue to need care and live with us. The opportunities my friends are able to pursue once their children no longer need care seem like closed doors to me.

Before Joshua was born, I thought I knew where my life was heading. However, Jesus had another destination I had not I imagined or chosen. I was surprised to come across a similar situation in the gospels. In Mark Chapter 6, the disciples entered the boat to begin crossing the lake to Bethsaida. While they are in the middle of their journey, a storm arose, and the disciples struggled against the wind and the waves. Jesus came to them and said, “DO NOT BE AFRAID. TAKE COURAGE. I AM HERE.” The Lord entered the boat with them, and the wind stopped. Then they crossed the lake and landed (not in Bethsaida but) in Gennesaret.

Jesus is not always leading me where I think He is leading me. 

So what now? How do I live in this different reality without losing my mind or my faith? I have to learn to manage expectations. I had hoped for exotic travels with my husband. Instead, we make the most of a night or two getaway as a threesome.  I imagined long meals exploring restaurants of varied cuisine but instead find myself searching Google for outdoor seating and family friendly options.

Life may not turn out how we anticipate. No one can foresee their future or their children’s. When storms arise and I am tossed by the winds and waves, I remind myself God is not surprised by what I perceive as insurmountable difficulties. When the Lord drops the anchor and states, “This is our destination,” I take courage because He is with me, continually guiding me along His path to reach the destination He designed for me.

Along this path, He provides streams in the desert to refresh my spirit.  I am able to enjoy intimacy with My redeemer as I await the fulfillment of His promise when He will give me beauty in exchange for ashes and strength to replace despair.