From Prison to Purpose

Now I want you to know that my circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel. Philippians 1:12

During his imprisonment, Paul sent a letter the church in Philippi urging those who were worried about him not be alarmed but instead to rejoice. Why? The gospel was advancing. Paul’s imprisonment was actually his pulpit to bring the good news of Jesus to others.

While our prisons may not be literal, as Paul’s was,  God is more than able to use any limitation we experience  (whether a circumstance, relationship, or physical condition) as His platform for others to hear truth and for us to share the hope we have in spite of the difficulties we are facing. When I consider this idea, I am tempted to think that while that may be true for Paul, no one will benefit from hearing about my unexciting life.  Admittedly, my parenting experiences with a child who has a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism and my struggles with depression are minor compared to Paul’s imprisonment for the gospel, but God has given me the opportunity to honor Him in the midst of the circumstances  which He ordained for my life.

In another letter, written by Peter, believers who had been scattered by persecution were reminded to continue to declare the praises of Him who called them out of darkness into His wonderful light. In the midst of their suffering, those chosen by and belonging to God were urged to live such godly lives that others would see their good deeds and glorify God.  In any situation, we can declare God’s faithfulness and loving-kindness. No matter the extent of our limitations, our ability to pray for others is not thwarted.

Although it may be imperceptible to us, the Lord is working in our circumstances bringing opportunities for His grace and truth to reach others. Whether by prayer, or through the written word, or in person, God is leveraging your limitations for the greater progress of the gospel. If you are in a season where your activities or interactions are restricted, allow your “prison” to become His platform to bring the good news of Jesus to someone else.

3 thoughts on “From Prison to Purpose

  1. “Whether by prayer, or through the written word, or in person, God is leveraging your limitations for the greater progress of the gospel“ – I love this bracing truth Lynn. And it comes with that much more force because you are living out its veracity.
    Love and prayers,


  2. What a beautiful post Lynn ! I love what you said , “allow your prison to be His platform!” That spoke volumes to me.

    This blog is beautiful!!! I’m so glad I have found out about it.

    Love ,


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