The Blue Room

I love colors. When my husband retired from the army, I wanted to paint our home in lots of bright colors since over the years the walls in our military quarters and rented homes were usually white or beige. I picked a bright blue for our downstairs bath, but when the small room was painted, I didn’t like it as much as I expected. That was 7 years ago, yet the room remains blue. Why? In my mind the effort seems like a huge wall to scale.

The blue room is an analogy to other things in my life. The circumstances seem fixed because the hurdles seem insurmountable, but are they? In reality, in order to change this situation, it will take less than $50 of paint and perhaps 10 hours of work.  Admittedly, some circumstances to require a lifetime of effort, but others do not. 

The bathroom is still blue, but I have made other small changes which keep me from feeling stuck in unchangeable circumstances.

God give me the wisdom to change the things I can.

Challenge: Make a list of some things that are not very hard or complicated but if you continue week after week, you will be heading in a better direction.

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