41 Wolves

I came across a fascinating article about Yellowstone National Park.  In 1995, forty-one wolves were re-introduced into the environment. Within a few years, many changes occurred. More beavers populated the streams and rivers. The waters were clearer. Flowers that had not been seen in many years appeared. A small number influenced a whole population.

I find encouragement in considering this. Just a few of us can change the world. Unfortunately, this this is frequently evidenced as darkness, evil, and disease multiply in this world. But we are the light! Our pinpricks of light can and will influence the darkness. Our acts of love, kindness, faithfulness, and truth cascade into areas we cannot imagine.

In social work, it is called the systems theory. If one element of the system changes, the whole system is impacted. I encourage you to be a world changer! The Lord God told Joshua, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified because I, the Lord am with you!”  Displaying courage and strength in the Lord during challenging times becomes similar to the 41 wolves. A small number of faithful believers, fully trusting in the Lord changes everything.

Image result for google images wolf


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