For Every What If…..

sheepLife is filled with “What ifs….” What if the worst-case scenario, the terrible and unexpected happens? What if we don’t have enough money, time, strength, faith, hope or love? Some time ago, I heard a phrase that removed the angst from the “what ifs” in life.

For every what if, I AM.

I AM, YHWH, the name God revealed to Moses. Moses was God’s chosen instrument, an imperfect spokesman who spoke to the mighty pharaoh on behalf of ALMIGHTY God. What took precedence over all of Moses’ inadequacies was the indisputable assurance that God was with Moses.

I AM, Yahweh Jireh… “The Lord Provides.” Even as Abraham was ascending Mount Moriah to offer Isaac as a sacrifice to the Lord, a lamb was making its way to the summit to provide that sacrifice. At the altar, Abraham’s faith and God’s promise met.

“There is always a ram in the thicket because there is always the Lamb on the throne.” Katie Davis Majors

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. One word from the eternal Word ushers shalom into our chaos. I AM the Light of the world. His spiritual light dispels darkness bringing hope.

I AM the bread of life. God does not merely provide physical bread but His presence nourishes our spirits. One translation of Psalm 37:3 instructs us to feed on his faithfulness. In other places, scriptures tell us to taste the goodness of the Lord.

I AM the Door, the good Shepherd, the Vine, the Resurrection, the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Living Water. Truly, there is not a problem that Jesus is not our answer. At the cross, Jesus’ sacrifice assures us that God will go to any length to fulfill His covenant promises.

Here I sit, confronting a high stone a wall in a seemingly impossible situation. So I write this blog to remind myself that it is not about my inadequacies or lack of solutions. The most significant truths are that God is for me and with me and will never leave me or forsake me. He does not fail.

For every what if…. I AM!

One thought on “For Every What If…..

  1. I love this simple, memorable phrase: “For every ‘what if..?” I AM. I don’t know how Lynn manages this — to continually present us with the practical and the profound.


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