Does God Like Extroverts More?

Be Still and Know I am God. Psalm 46:10

When considering one of the most difficult things about being an introvert, I came to this conclusion: it is church. Instead of feeling recharged, gathering for Sunday services often depletes me or leaves with me with uncertainties.Applause crowd people silhouette. Cheerful crowd cheering. Hands up

Church focuses on being connected and reaching the community. We are urged to reach out to our neighbors and greet those around us. We are encouraged to join small groups. While these things seem to energize people with extroverted tendencies, I thrive on solitude and time alone with the Lord. Sometimes after a church service, where activity and interaction are praised, I am left wondering, “Does God like extroverts more?”

Of course not! In Paul’s words “May it never be!” Our loving Heavenly Father uniquely gifted each of us with diverse personalities. I have never seen one personality praised more than others in the scriptures. The activities advocated by our leaders are often good and necessary things, BUT they aren’t the only things.

Mary pondered and treasured these things in her heart….

Jesus withdrew to a secluded place….

Taking time for silent meditation can prove to be the difference between my good ideas and God’s ordained good. The time I spend alone knits my heart and mind more closely to God’s, so I can maintain His peace in the midst of the chaos around me. The verse which begins this blog did not occur in the midst of a peaceful retreat on a mountain top. The mountains were quaking and falling into the sea, yet God urged the Psalmist (and us), “Cease striving and know I am God.” I feel confident that God can do more through my quiet submission than all of my well-intended activity for His Kingdom. “When we work, we work; but when we pray, God works.” (Hudson Taylor)

3 thoughts on “Does God Like Extroverts More?

  1. Read this to my husband. He loved it. How beautiful, Lynn, that you address and answer so profoundly that aching question, “Does God love extroverts more?”
    I find as I grow older, that I am becoming more inward, more introverted. How comforting to know that the Lord is not displeased with me, but welcomes the gifts that come with “keeping and pondering” things in my heart.


    • It is interesting that I find more & more people consider themselves introverts & prefer that introspection time over interaction with others. Even people I would recognize as an extrovert like many pastors or speakers. I am undeniably an extrovert as I often can’t sleep if I have late ineraction that causes me to think more. However, I often feel God wants me to be still & listen so that the chaos is not distracting me. I have found that my time being quiet & listening to Him does refresh even those that gain energy from interaction. That quiet time with God is the best interaction we have. Introverts are better at listening than are extroverts & as an extrovert, I have come to realize that God prefers when we listen to Him. It is probably best to be balanced & I enjoy learning from those who have different perspectives from me. Because it helps us be more balanced in our perspectives. I enjoy reading these.

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