mcdonaldsI live in the midst of a family of picky eaters, and I don’t just mean the children. Can you imagine going into McDonalds and ordering a cheeseburger without the burger? For us, it all began after “dining outs” in the military where Mike and I attended a formal function that offered, in his opinion, not enough food or not very appetizing food. We would stop on the way home for him to get full. Once we had children, we sometimes did this but more frequently we “pre-fed” so that if the food was “yucky” they wouldn’t say embarrassing things because they wouldn’t be that hungry. We assured them they would be fed afterward if needed.

Not realizing the world’s definition of the term, “pre-game,” I decided that idea fit what we did to meet the needs of those who didn’t like the main meal. Then I began thinking about church services and how some complain that the music isn’t what they like or the sermon is not challenging or too intellectual etc.…

Like with my family, I think the solution is to pre-game. I am not coming on Sunday morning to be entertained or be fed my only meal of the week. I usually come after digesting several gourmet meals through out the week. If for some reason, I am not challenged or if I feel the topic wasn’t addressed to my satisfaction, I post-game. I go home and spend time in His Word until my soul is satisfied with His goodness and truth.

Unlike a quick stop at McDonalds on the way home, this practice takes some time and effort on my part. I am no longer an infant being spoon-fed or a baby bird receiving pre-chewed food from the mommy bird. Since I am not arriving on empty, I can more easily recognize the needs I see in others. Anything I receive is like whipped-cream on top of my coffee.

There is a special grace being among God’s people in a church body as we glimpse God’s work in the lives of others; however, I think it is what I do in my private moments with the Lord really prepares my heart and allows me to filled.

2 thoughts on “Pre-Gaming

  1. Lynn, Once again you have challenged me. And with the challenge comes very practical suggestions. I can stop criticizing & complaining about things at church, if i will only “pre-game” and “post-game.” Thank you for all you are doing to help me as I move along on my spiritual journey,


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