Hawaii potluckSome of my favorite memories of Hawaii were the potluck dinners on the North Shore. A few times a year we gathered to celebrate baptisms, and each family brought a dish to share. My oldest daughter, Ashleigh. was baptized as part of one of these joyful occasions. In addition to the glorious fellowship we shared, there were opportunities to try many foods both sweet and savory.

When I think about it, the body of Christ exhibits some similarities to potluck meals. When we gather as a body, we each bring a dish (a spiritual gift or talent), yet our contributions vary. Even the same type food is prepared differently as the cook/creator prefers. The best potlucks feature a little bit of everything, each enhancing to the celebration. We leave filled with the goodness of God.

Another example of a “potluck” within the body of Christ is Mercy Mall. Mercy Mall is a place where someone in need can come and receive without cost. Whether it is a material need or spiritual hunger, each person who is seen is loved and cared for. To enable this ministry to operate, many people donate money or clothing or food. Other volunteers sort and organize the donations. Some workers help the client find what they need, and others pack up and pray with each person. Every role is significant and the whole could not operate without each part.

It is like a gigantic mural where each of us paint only a small portion but stepping away we gain the perspective and beauty of the picture. We don’t have to prepare the entire gourmet meal or run a ministry alone. God puts us together so His heart will reach the world. Don’t suppose that your contribution is not needed. Bring it and watch what our God can do! In case you doubt this, remember the boy with 5 loaves and 2 fish.

Taste and see that the Lord is good! Psalm 34:8

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