Burning Brightly

On a very cold, wintry day, my friend and I met to enjoy a delightful lunch at Panera at a table by the fire.

In catching up, she mentioned her concern that her passion for the Lord seemed to have diminished because her earlier days as a Christian were filled the excitement and enthusiasm. Was she losing her first love or becoming luke-warm?

We talked about the kindling that first catches fire and burns quickly with many flames. As the bigger logs catch fire, the flame may be lower, yet this fire emits a radiant heat. The warmth draws people to sit for hours beside it to rest or be renewed.

I told her only God could reveal if she has lost her fervor but from my outside observation, she was still passionate about Jesus. However, I suspected her relationship had shifted from those earlier days.

Like marriage, our love for our Lord may become stronger over the years burning with fervor although without fanfare. We may burn steadily even though not dramatically. If the Spirit of the Lord is strong within us, His fire will draw others to Himself to find His rest and be renewed in His presence.

1 Peter 4:8 Above all, keep fervent in you love for one another.

One thought on “Burning Brightly

  1. Lynn, you can imagine that I feel a special warmth toward this particular post. Your spoken words always encourage and reassure me, and your written words the same… and the latter I can go back to at any time and find that beautiful spark of God’s Truth that I so much need.

    Thank you for being who you are and thank you for sharing your love of Jesus with us all.

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