The Gateway Sin


Sin is habit forming and multiplies easily. You might even say it has control issues because sin wants to take over everything -like kudzu. This weed, resistant to removal, finds fertile soil and grows quickly, choking life out of the surrounding plants.kudzu

While it may seem fairly innocuous,  with only minimal use, this gateway sin opens the floodgates for all other type of sin. What is this gateway sin? Complaining!

Why do I think this generally acceptable sin will lead us into all other types of sin? Complaining (or grumbling) breeds discontentment. Ultimately, we are grumbling against God by expressing a lack of trust in God’s choices for our life and a lack of belief that He can use this circumstance for good. We become myopic, focusing on what is wrong instead of cultivating gratitude.

Complaining diminishes our testimony since when we complain, we are no different from the world, and God’s light is obscured. What are you tempted to grumble about? The weather, money, politics, church, family, work or daily tasks? Grumbling is not only harmful to the grumbler but infects those around us.

Perhaps you are thinking, I don’t speak these thoughts out loud so I’m okay.  Jesus warned us that our heart’s attitude is where sin grows, whether or not it is visible to others. Perhaps these examples will seem far-fetched, but grumbling has far-reaching ripple effects. Complaining in a marriage fosters discontentment which could lead to divorce or infidelity. Grumbling about church may cause disunity among the body causing bitterness or avoidance church altogether. A parent complaining about the size of the home could contribute to a child elevating material things to the extent that he believes his own value lies in what he acquires. However, the greatest cost of complaining is the erosion of our confidence in our Heavenly Father’s goodness and love for us.

Do everything without grumbling or complaining so that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world.  Philippians 2:14-15

2 thoughts on “The Gateway Sin

  1. i love this! It was convicting, eye opening and left me with the desire to change. Thanks for sharing again, Lynn. God is really using your gift of writing. I ❤ you!

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  2. This is very true. I am thinking that instead of complaining about the circumstances we would like to see change, we should first pray to God about the circumstance to find His lesson in it & inspiration to improve what makes us unhappy as all of His children are reminded to pray in scriptures, & then look for ideas to make positive changes, rather than just complaining about our circumstances. This can give us hope in our hearts attitude for the positive changes we wish to see & not just bring everyone down with our complaining, including ourselves.


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