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When you noticed the picture at the top of this page, what came to mind? I would like to suggest that if you did not consider God’s promises, it shows how successfully the world has hijacked God’s symbols to promote its own agendas.

Each time I see a rainbow, I am reminded God keeps every promise He has ever made, and He provides a way of rescue for all who seek Him. While my husband was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, our family lived in Hawaii. Several times every week I would spot a rainbow covering the heavens. Whenever I encountered a rainbow, I was reminded that God promised never to leave or forsake me.  It was such a comfort during this difficult time, a visible reminder of what I knew in my head but did not feel in my circumstances.

Sadly, I believe this picture of God’s faithfulness is one example of a symbol that has been hijacked, taken over by those who intend evil, and is being piloted to the wrong destination.

How about meditation? Do red flags of caution enter your mind because of the preponderance of Eastern religions gaining acceptance in mainstream culture?  King David was widely recognized for the practice of meditation which resulted in some of the psalms we read today (see Psalm 119). Before Joshua led the Israelites into the promised land, Joshua was instructed to continually meditate on God’s law.

Gemstones, too, have become highly recognized as symbols of new age philosophies. However, in God’s word, twelve unique and precious stones, each representing a tribe of Israel, adorn the high priest’s breastplate. Even better, the foundation of the walls of the New Jerusalem are comprised of twelve precious stones, and the twelve gates are each made from a single pearl.

Who is this nefarious hijacker? None other than the prince of this world. What is his objective? To cause division among mankind and eternal separation from God. We are warned (1 John 4) that many false spirits have gone out into the world, who speak from the world, and the world listens to them.

Your mission: Test the spirits.  By the Holy Spirit, we are able to distinguish the spirit of truth from the spirit of error. In these last days, deception is rampant, so we must discern these subtle influences hijacking God’s symbols.  By speaking truth and loving one another, we resist the hijacker and keep moving toward God’s destination. Even as I write, the meanings of truth and love are poised at the precipice of a hostile takeover. Beloved, stand firm in the grace of God and in the full armor of God!

5 thoughts on “Hijacked

  1. Once again, this writer has startled me, informed me, pointed me to a deeper vision of the ways of God and the ways of his Enemy, the Devil.

    There were “hijackings” she explains that I had never thought of, but instantly recognized. Meditation wrongly used. Gems as magic charms. I have seen these co-opted or “hijacked” in my field of social work. A Christian friend of mine was sickened when she went o a social work conference where such corruptions were highlighted, along with having participants sing together a “Ghost Song.”

    Thank you, Lynn, again for your profound insights and your sparkling writing.


  2. Excellent, Lynn! We just came fro a Bible Study where we were discussing symbols vs. idols. I agree about these wonderful Biblical symbols – they have been hijacked. Rather than pointing to the goodness of God, they point instead to the insidiousness of evil. Terrific observation and very well written. Thank you for this!

    Bill Shumaker


  3. I am glad you speak in confidence on these wonderful gifts of God we should enjoy as He intended to view them rather than be feared or misused. Another is the stars, as well as oils & herbs. The farmers almanac almost reads like scripture because it uses God’s created universe to successfully plant & yield the most abundance. Meteorologists & other science has validated the truths in the stars & how they affect life on earth. As has science also confirmed God’s truth in meditation being a good thing, as long as we meditate on Him or His love & truth. The Bible confirms the truth in the stars with the three Magi being lead by the star. Many oils & herbs are no longer used as they were presented as snake oils or replaced by stronger chemical drugs. I am not a farmer to understand the farmers almanac, but I do know there is God’s truths in these things that the world has mystified & either created fear of or evil intentions like the false gods in Biblical times. To keep myself in check on many of these things, I ask myself if God created it, if so, then there is truth in it’s purpose for existence. Many Christians fear meditative practices like yoga, because there is an eastern worship attached to those practices. Though the act of meditation was created by God & we can do so in worship of the true God with no fear of the practice of meditation itself, or dance or singing. It really has more to do with where your heart is in these things that may guide the act, than the act itself. I think of Aarons breast plate when you speak of putting on the armour of God & a sermon I once heard about each piece of armour being a truth of God. I enjoyed reading your encouragement in this to “test the spirits” & do so with the full armour of God’s grace & love. It was quite bold & inspiring.


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