The book shelves were getting overcrowded. I looked them over pondering what could I give away or throw away. Until now I had held onto every Bible study workbook I had completed, but today I decided to put some (which I had not opened in 8-12 years) into the recycling.

 I have no regrets about removing them from my shelves and home; however, I was saddened as I discarded them. Why? I wondered if I had merely accumulated knowledge over the days, weeks, months and years completing one study after another, or has my life been radically transformed by the words of our living God?

Like little children standing against the wall, waiting to be measured, who want to get big and grow taller, I can’t perceive myself growing. Nevertheless, as I discarded those pages, I prayed that I have grown more into the likeness of Jesus and that the truths I learned were written on my heart and not just words filling in the blanks.


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