Small Things

I struggle. One of my biggest questions is wondering if the things I do every day matter in light of eternity. I tend to trivialize the small things.  (I tried to dictate ideas on this subject into my phone, and when I said “trivialize,” it heard me say “chocolate truffles.”)

Why do small things matter?

  • God sees and cares about them.  When I pay attention to these seemingly minor things, I demonstrate to the world a God-like quality since God is more concerned with character and faithfulness than magnitude.
  • Accomplishing a small thing is better than dreaming of/talking about a big thing.
  • Small things affect individuals.  An expression of Christ’s love through an encouraging word or kind act can alter someone’s day or even life.
  • Small things have ripple effects. I just may not see them.
  • Many small things over time add up.

As I continued to try to come to grips with God’s greater perspective, He put the idea of a mosaic in my mind. Interestingly enough, I recently visited the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts where I saw a large mosaic, The Four Seasons, which was about 6’x17’ (or 180 cm x 520 cm) that contained thousands of tiny one-centimeter square tiles. Each one on its own is insignificant but formed an intricate pattern when arranged by the creator.

P.S. Chocolate truffles may be small, but they are delicious 😊



3 thoughts on “Small Things

  1. Lynn, I found myself dwelling on similar thoughts recently, especially in light of current debilitating pain. I think that in the light of eternity, God gets to decide what’s big or small, significant or insignificant, and He delights in confounding the ‘wisdom’ of this world: counting the small, great and the foolish, wise, who look to Him. Have a Wonderful Christmas! Denise


  2. Dearest Lynn, I am so very happy to have been introduced to these lovely “soul treasures” of yours. Thank you so much for sharing your heart… Miss Zoe (a.k.a Ellie)


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