Clear and Simple


Sometimes I read something in the Bible, and I end up with more questions than after I started. I encountered one of those difficult passages in 1 Peter 3:19
He also went and made proclamation to the spirits now in prison.

Who is the “he”? What did he proclaim? And when?
Who are the spirits?
What is the prison?

I spent quite a bit of time cross-referencing, doing word studies, and eventually coming to what I thought was a sound Biblical interpretation for these verses. I know the Lord wants us to be diligent students of His word, but a disconnect exists if I keep seeking knowledge while failing to follow the clear and simple instructions. For example, as I continued to read, 1 Peter 4:10 jumped out, “Be hospitable without complaining.” That verse is easy to understand but much harder to do!

Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. When I spend time with someone will they better experience Christ if I can explain a verse or if I offer a place of peace and welcome?

Lord, let me not become encumbered by trying to discern the meaning of unclear scriptures while failing to heed the clearly understood ones.

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