Get a Clue Bag!

My childhood summers were spent devouring Nancy Drew mysteries while Mike read Encyclopedia Brown. Perhaps that is why we sometimes tease the kids by asking them, “What’s in your clue bag?” We suggested that as they go through life, they should remain attentive to pick up various “clues” about living. Then, when they need a clue, they search the bag for an appropriate response to a situation or for a clue to avoid saying or doing things that are inappropriate. For example, send a thank you note after receiving a gift and don’t put foil in the microwave.

Problems arise if you neglect to pick up clues along your journey or if your clue bag has a hole in it. As we were walking in a park with a popular fishing spot, we saw a plastic wrapper discarded on the ground. Mike picked it up to throw it away only to find it was an unopened package of lures. Next we encountered hooks, bobs, and weights strewn across the path. We found the man who had lost them because unbeknownst to him, his bag had a hole.

God’s word is filled with clues on how to live. Don’t neglect to fill up your clue bag, but also mend your holes by assembling with one another in fellowship and seeking wisdom from those who have clues to share.

Challenge: Make a list of clues you find in Proverbs or one of the New Testament letters.

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