God’s Whispers

Amidst all the miraculous accounts in the Bible, tucked away between the pages of Scripture we discover those less dramatic encounters which reveal how deeply the Lord cares about every small detail in our lives. 

In 1 Kings 19:11-15, Elijah was discouraged, overwhelmed and hiding in a cave. Elijah desperately sought the Lord, but the Lord was not found in the winds, the earthquake, or the fire. Instead, the Lord came to Elijah in a low whisper. Jesus told us that God’s sheep hear his voice, but often it is not easy to perceive the gentle whisper of God in our high decibel world. Therefore, we must cultivate the ability to listen for our Shepherd’s call.

When Elijah heard God’s quiet word to him, he regained strength to leave the cave and continue in his ministry to Israel. When we hear God whisper to our souls, we too find the strength and courage to leave our caves and live out His purposes. His powerful whispers enable us to stay His course in spite of the bombarding clamor from the world around us.

2 sheep

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