crossesWhen I was a teenager I compared myself to the models featured in magazines. Not surprisingly, I felt inadequate. I just did not look like that. Then in His mercy, Jesus saved me! Over time, I realized it was not important if my stomach was not flat and my make-up nonexistent. Jesus had created me exactly how He wanted me to look – I wasn’t supposed to look like that.
Fast forward 20+ years…..I was feeling discontent and inadequate. This time it wasn’t because of the beautiful women, gourmet meals or gorgeous rooms featured in the magazines. I realized it was Christian autobiographies and newsletters from Christian ministries that were subtly stealing my joy. Unconsciously, I had been comparing myself to others who were teaching Bible study to hundreds or hugging orphans in Africa, and I was thinking, “I don’t look like that!” These were people making a difference eternally for God’s kingdom and glorifying Him. By my standard of comparison, my life did not measure up.
Unfortunately, this lie was harder to identify and dispel than the ones involving worldly standards for beauty or success. With every breath I breathe and every ounce of strength I have, I want to glorify God. BUT God gets to choose how that will happen. So I must die to comparison and submit to His choices for me. I will lean into HIS GRACE to be the one and only person He made me to be – myself.

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