Since the Fall, the world has been filled with anguish and despair. Unlike the criticism and negativity we gravitate toward to today, the psalmist offered a lament to the Lord.

Lament is an expression of grief, pouring out one’s heart to God. Lament shows that suffering and hope and can occur simultaneously and that unanswered questions and trust in God can exist in harmony.

In a psalm of lament, a spiritual reset occurs. Life is hard, but God is greater. When the psalm begins, problems loom large, but the final declaration of God’s character overshadows every problem and trial.

Let’s recover the lost art of lament. My lament below springboards from Psalm 130.

Drowning in the depths, I cry out to you, O Lord
for another breath of your grace.
Surely, I would have faded from life
Alienated from the Father
If you had not shed your blood to gain access to the throne of grace.
There your mercy sustains me.
I wait for the Lord, my soul waits.
My soul longs for the Lord more than the frozen seed longs for the spring.
My soul longs for the Lord more than the bride longs for her bridegroom.
In your promises, I put my hope
For you, my Lord, can be trusted.
Your love and faithfulness are unfailing.

2 thoughts on “Lament

  1. These times of suffering make me more & more eager for His return or my rest until His return, to avoid the suffering. But I try to find joy in it all, in giving my life here on earth to Him.


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