Life Thesis?


I came across this quote and thought, “How true!” Perhaps it reveals a glass half-empty philosophy or the belief in Murphy’s Law, “If anything can go wrong, it will.”

Even so, the quote seems to capture the narrative of my life whether it was an unexpected move, a door closing to a ministry where I believed God called me, or in my everyday schedule when a day set aside for writing turned into listening to and praying for someone else.

Reminder to self: God is the author and perfecter of my faith. He is also the writer of my life story. When life happens as I imagined, I have the illusion of being in control, but when things don’t go as planned, the truth sinks in. I am not in control. God is ruling and reigning over all. Then I have a choice either to become anxious or to trust God as He re-writes my story.

One thought on “Life Thesis?

  1. So true. I have learned as much as I amn inclined to get anxious, it is best to just trust in God. Anxiety gets us nothing but stress.


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