By Still Waters

He leads me beside still waters; He restores my soul Psalm 23:1-2

still waters

As the fallen leaves

Clog up the creek bed,

Yesterday’s mistakes, today’s tasks, and tomorrow’s worries

Obstruct my soul.


Raking away the debris,

Jesus clears the path of the stream

Opening the way

For His living waters to flow.


4 thoughts on “By Still Waters

  1. What assurance&upliftment, in His timing. Lynn, those words are so fitting for such a time as this. Since Good Friday, my siblings, I & the entire Ohana hv been mobilized as mom suffered a compressed fracture in her lower spine, shooting excruciating pain to her hips & rendering her incapacitated in walking. So we are around her to help with her movement from one position to another (lying to sitting, bathroom, shower. There is pain control and physical therapy at home in the works. Pls pray these will aid in strength and mobility. And for perseverence for the rest of us.


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