An Aquifer

Niagara Falls is magnificent…millions of gallons of water pouring over the precipice hour after hour, day after day! Sometimes I imagine the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our lives like this.


Recently, however, I contemplated another picture of God’s abundance. In San Antonio, Texas, the Edward’s aquifer supplies water to over a million residents hour after hour, day after day, yet this source of water is vastly unseen.  Although less spectacular, this water brings life to dry, barren places. Have no doubt; God’s Spirit is powerfully working today. Even though our Almighty God may manifest Himself in ways more splendid than Niagara Falls, on other occasions, our El Shaddai carries out His will like an aquifer, steadily supplying his power and grace through the lives of believers, reviving parched hearts and lives.

One thought on “An Aquifer

  1. Lynn, I love your illustrations to bring home the principles of God’s grace and sovereignty. Do continue these, I am one who benefits through imagery that you convey so appropriately


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