Learning from an Opihi

When we lived in Hawaii, there was a delicacy called an opihi, a limpid which attached itself to rocks in the ocean. Since the demand for opihi grew exponentially, enterprising businesses decided to commercially farm opihi in saltwater tanks filled with rocks.  What they found was a great disappointment. These opihi were puny and unmarketable. What went wrong? Being fed the perfect nutrients in a protected environment did not produce growth. Waves were added to the tanks to simulate the ocean – success! Their strength was obtained by clinging to the rocks as the strong waves buffeted them day after day.

Meditation on God’s creation provides a spiritual lesson for me. I desire a problem-free life and sometimes believe being in a safe, protected environment will optimize my spiritual growth. Similar to physical muscles growing through strain and stress of exercise, my faith and spirit grow stronger when challenged by life’s circumstances.  The opihi give me the secret to success when the waves of life keep crashing upon me. Cling to the Rock.

 Psalm 18:2 The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock in whom I take refuge.

I learned about opihi from two different sources. Pastor Rick first shared the lesson with our congregation at Mililani Community Church. Later, my friend, Crystal gave me a children’s book featuring the story which is pictured below.



2 thoughts on “Learning from an Opihi

  1. Wow, Lynn, what a great message and illustration. It was also very timely as I was able to share it immediately with my son who is facing significant challenges in his life right now. Way to interpret one of God’s many messages laced throughout creation, and present it so well to your world! Blessed to be connected!


  2. You make such clear examples, Lynn. It’s your gift to convey God’s truths in ways we understand

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