It is a terrible thing to lose hope, yet many of us muddle through our days feeling hopeless.  As I look at my current circumstance do I believe “God is nowhere” of do I perceive “God is now here.” What I feel depends on my perspective. When I think God is distant, I lose hope.

Where is your hope? If I could sit with you, I would want you to realize God is now here in this very moment. A few years ago, when I first met my counselor, she asked “What are you hoping to gain by coming?” I told her my vision is cloudy, like I have spiritual cataracts, and I need cataract surgery. Unfortunately this process of gaining spiritual sight is not as quick and uncomplicated as having an actual cataract removed from my physical eye. The process may take my entire life time until I see Jesus fact to face. If 20/20 spiritual vision is seeing people and circumstances like God sees, I have a long way to go; however, the better I see, the more hope I have.

It may be hard to hold onto hope but I can always hold on to Jesus. Even better, He is holding fast to me and nothing can snatch me from His hand.

May the God of HOPE fill you with all HOPE as you trust in Him Romans 15:13



3 thoughts on “GODISNOWHERE

    • I was in a class and the instructor passed out cards with the letters “GODISNOWHERE” and asked us what it said. Some people read it “God is nowhere” and some read it “God is now here.” The blog was a result of thinking what a difference a little space makes and how I want to see God present in everything so a little space is needed instead of crowding it all together.

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