Son or Servant?

In reading Galatians 4, I am left with lots of questions. I am curious about the bodily condition Paul mentioned in 4:16. It seemed the Galatians had favorably received him in spite of this yet now they were questioning Paul after hearing other teachers. In the overall theme of Chapter 4, Paul contrasts the Old Covenant with the New and the Law with the Promise. However, a lot still seems unclear so I will look forward to any insight from you about this chapter.

Yesterday our sermon by Pastor Shawn was on “Seleh” stopping to consider God’s truth in His Word. I liked the questions he suggested we ask when reading any passage so I will share them with you.

Is there a promise found?
What picture of God do I see?
Is there a problem of life addressed?
What principle should I live by?
What is God’s personal message for me in this?
The picture I noticed was the contrast between relating to God as his son or as his servant.
  • A son is free and a servant is in bondage
  • A son relates based on a relationship, a servant related based on rules
  • A son lives in love, a servant under law
  • The son has hope and a future inheritance, the servant has no hope but uncertainty and drudgery
  • The son recognizes the wealth of his heavenly father lives in abundance but the servant maintains a scarcity mentality
  • The son has rest in the promises of the Father and empowerment by the Spirit but the servant works in the flesh continually striving

And now it is your turn…. what are your observations/thoughts/applications as you read this chapter?