Galatians Chapter 1

Read Galatians Chapter 1. What do you notice about the tone of this letter compared to the letter we just studied (Philippians)? What seems to have inspired Paul to write this letter?

What promise do we receive in verse 4 and what does that mean?

Certain men called the Judiazers had come to the Galatians presenting a “different” gospel. They claimed that although a man was saved by faith in Jesus, salvation and sanctification were maintained by keeping the Law.  In Paul’s letter to the Romans, we see how he responds both to the Judiazers and another group called the Anti-nomians who taught that  the Law is not important and it does not matter how one behaves. Galatians primarily addresses those who say the church must maintain the works of the law. If  we think that those presenting a “different” gospel only existed in the first century of the church, consider the controversy with “legalists” and “hyper-grace”  Today, we continue to see books and hear messages that distort the true gospel so Paul’s message to us is as timely as it was in 50A.D.

As we study these 6 chapters, examine your life to see if you are living under grace or under the law.? We will be talking about how we can subtly slip back into relating to God and others based on law instead of grace. I don’t have many questions from chapter 1 so you can comment on however the Lord led your study.


8 thoughts on “Galatians Chapter 1

  1. Paul’s letter this time carries a tone of admonition because the Christians are being swayed to believe a message that has been twisted beyond the basic truth of faith in Christ alone. It means that their belief may not have been on solid ground as that of the Philippians, who gave Paul joy to write to because of their maturity, unity, and desire to share the gospel. We, too, must weed out the false and extraneous teaching, that may sound appealing for our Christian walk. The gospel plain and simple is that we are saved by faith in Jesus Christ.

    Verse 4 says that God planned for Jesus to be our sacrifice by paying for our sins on the cross. By redeeming us in this way, Jesus has freed us from the evil world we live in, because the Holy Spirit enables us with hope, strength and assurance to deal with the challenges and trials that we face.


  2. Adela, your explanation of how the Holy Spirit enables right now in this present evil age is so important to remember. Not that we are not waiting for Jesus to return but that in this time of waiting He is still rescuing not by taking us out of the world but giving us a power to live differently and overcome.


  3. Yes, Lynn. I agree with Adela how you have “that knack of making concise and understandable points.” It is reassuring to understand that we have the power of the Holy Spirit to live differently and overcome. In our waiting for His return, we are to live differently.
    I ask myself what is differently. Do I Iive differently that those Jesus wants to rescue can see Him or do I blend in with the world? If I were to die tonight, how will I live the hours of today that that one person Jesus wants to rescue will see Him?


  4. Going out on a limb with this…how do those televangelists fall in the debate–those that preach & teach self-esteem or success, etc. adding of course under the power of Jesus/holy spirit? Or is it relevant at all to this chapter?


  5. I don’t think it is a limb but a relevant question. Paul warned about anyone preaching a different gospel and I think shifting the focus from the Kingdom of God to success and our identity in Christ to building our self-esteem is distorting the gospel. It doesn’t matter who I think I am but who God says I am and Jesus did not promote success but servant-hood. Of course Satan is the master of self-condemnation trying to shake us from our secure position loved but the Father and made righteous through the blood of Jesus, and substituting the cotton candy of the world’s approval for the lasting nourishment the Lord’s favor. .


  6. PS. I just noticed in verse 2:4 that false teaching brings us into bondage – so to use the examples you cited, pursing success or self- esteem will ultimately enslave us – it sounds good at first but then the chains are on and we are imprisoned. Of course, there is freedom in Jesus (John 8:36) but it seems better if we can avoid getting trapped in the first place.


  7. Paul, called by God, says in Galatians 1:12, he did not receive the gospel from man, nor was he taught the gospel. He received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ. By His grace, God called Paul. Paul did not immediately consult with anyone nor did he go up to Jerusalem to those who were apostles before him. He went away……… seems he took three years before going up to Jerusalem.

    I once read of a man who would go away for months to have quiet times with God in order to write his book. In this world of distractions, I too, enjoy getting away to the quiet of my room to spend much quiet time with our loving Lord Jesus. How precious these times are. Paul went away for a long period of time (I’m thinking to seek God on his own, allowing the Holy Spirit to teach him). I imagine how precious that time must have been… be alone with God.

    The questions he asked—-am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God?
    am I trying to please man?
    The statement he makes—if he is still trying to please man, he would not be a servant of

    has me pondering my own personal relationship with Jesus. There are many opinions of man however only one Truth which saves me for all eternity. Who do I desire to learn from and spend most of my time with while on earth?


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