Prayer Requests Week 3

STAINED GLASSPlease pray for Ashleigh’s husband, Drew, who broke his shoulder and has to have surgery Friday 8pm EST to have a plate put in. It will be 8 am for them.

5 thoughts on “Prayer Requests Week 3

  1. from Ashleigh – Thank you for everyone’s prayers! Drew is doing better. He slept most of last night, only waking up once. He said the pain is more manageable than when he first came out of surgery, but he still hurts. We got an x-ray taken this morning that shows the reconstruction and the doctor says that everything looks good. Hopefully, Drew can leave the hospital on Saturday.


      • Thank you all for praying. It seems like the surgery went well but it is a long recovery and evidently painful as it heals. They shared how God protected Drew in the accident because I think he landed on his head but his helmet took a lot of the impact. Their students have been very helpful staying at the hospital to translate for them.


  2. Thanks for relaying all the information. Drew is doing much better and we’ve been home from the hospital since Thursday morning. He’s still taking over the counter pain medicine, but he is finally able to get out of the house some. Tomorrow he will go to the hospital to check how the incision is healing. He cannot move his shoulder for a month and then after we will have to do some physical therapy at home. I think one of the things he is struggling with the most is that he is unable to ride his bike.

    A brief summary of what happened: We were riding along a route that we often use with our good friend and another guy. There is a small bridge that goes over railroad tracks and we had built up some speed coming down. I was first and recognized a large rock spill and was able to slow down enough to avoid any problems. However, I wasn’t able to warn Drew in time and I watched as he flipped over his handlebars. Both his head and shoulder hit hard on the ground along with a few minor scrapes. Thankfully his ankle was swollen but not broken or fractured. His helmet was smashed on the left side and the plastic part cut his ear enough that he had to get six stitches. Still, I don’t want to think what would happen if he hit his head on the rock without the helmet or that he could have injured his neck. Overall, it was super scary and I wish it hadn’t happened, but I also realize that it could have been WAY worse.

    Through this experience, we have been able to share bits of our faith with others. It also gave some of our students the opportunity to see us pray with one another (and hopefully, I have been a good example of a servant.) Thank you for your prayers!


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