Final thoughts – Intro Week

Sometimes it takes a non-spiritual life example to help me get the big picture. I was watching an IMAX movie about the Air Force which, not surprisingly, highlighted the fighter pilots and the jets they  flew.  However, one of the first scenes of the movie occurred at dusk when a line of airmen stood abreast walking down the entire runway checking for rocks and pebbles. If these were sucked into the engine, the engine could fail and the pilot’s life and mission could be at risk. These airmen performed this mission every day with no fanfare and without most people even realizing it. Who doesn’t want to be a fighter pilot in God’s army? Who aspires to be a pebble picker-upper?  That’s my problem. In spite of how 1 Corinthians 12 affirms each member is an essential part of the body of believers, sometimes I feel my contribution to God’s kingdom is minimal. God allowed me to understand though this seemingly mundane task  that each of our callings is significant because He knows that the pebble I picked up today somehow contributed to sustaining His mission.

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