Who is Timothy?

I was surprised to find a lot more references to Timothy than I expected. Paul first met Timothy in Acts 16:1-4. He is also mentioned in 1:Timothy 2-3, 2 Timothy 1:2-5, 1 Thessalonians 3;2 and in Hebrews 13:23 we learn that Timothy had been imprisoned.  Timothy’s mother and grandmother were women of faith and prayer. You can see how Timothy moves from following along with Paul to becoming a leader in the Church of Ephesus.

Do you have a story to share about praying for your children/grandchildren or about your praying mother or grandmother ?

Tell us about about others who invested in your life or you invested in the lives of others to enable them to become the leaders God had called them to be? 

Please share any observations/questions/answers/comments below

5 thoughts on “Who is Timothy?

  1. Timothy’s grandmother and mother were people of faith and prayer, noted as believers in 1 Tim 1:5.. It also states “but his father was a Greek”, which implies that he was probably not a Christian. The fact that the women’s influence prevailed over Timothy’s life gives hope for those in homes where there is an unbelieving parent, that Christian virtues and values can and will take root in an atmosphere of opposition or indifference. Proverbs 22:6 sums it up: Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

    I remember when I was in grade school, my neighborhood friends invited me to some church rallies (Assembly of God), where there were songs, games, and lessons introducing the Good News to children and youth. We had sword drills which got us familiar with finding verses in the Bible. There were altar calls, and in that denomination, a lot of public crying and demonstration of emotion. It was not till I was in middle school at another church that I professed Jesus as my Saviour. But I look to those neighbors and teachers at those assemblies as the ones bringing me into the fold with their invitation to come and planting the seeds of truth so as to prepare me for receiving Christ in my life.

    I shared with my niece about three years ago the gift of salvation from Jesus. She was a pre-teen at the time, and there was a strong tug in my heart to talk to her, being at an age which finds teens very vulnerable to worldly influence. She prayed to receive Jesus in her life, and we’ve been meeting every month since then going over topics that feed a young believer–the Bible, Jesus Christ, prayer, choosing friends, etc. It’s been a rewarding role to disciple a young person, always praying that what I am conveying will have God’s staying power as she goes about her everyday life


  2. Timothy was a young evangelist/church administrator//representative for Paul. He was sent to the churches to help them establish order and to lay down specific principles regarding the structure of the church.

    My parents and grandparents instilled in us the knowledge of the existence of God and the importance of actively going to church. Unfortunately they did not openly pray in front of others other than occasionally saying grace at mealtime. However, I believe my mom did prayed quietly in the privacy of her heart for her children. I’m proof of her prayers.

    Those who have invested in my spiritual growth I thank God for for them: the missionaries from Campus Crusade during my years at Junior College, my professors and friends from Bible College, pastor’s wives and elder’s wives and dear close friends like you in this Bible Study.

    Although the ages of puberty and adolescence are not my forte, I supported my husband in the investment in the ministry of youth. Challenging as it is it’s a blessing to plant the seeds of God’s Words and in great anticipation to witness some of them grow in The Lord, in particular my children. They are adults now and are applying/practicing what they have learned and been taught. However, more than that, it is my utmost desire and continual prayer that their faith in Jesus mature into being pillars of men and women of God. It’s rewarding to see that the fruit of our labor has not totally been in vain. Becoming pre-mature gray didn’t happen for nothing!


  3. There are so many people who have prayed for me and encouraged me in my walk and I am grateful for every one. And like you wrote, Kori, it is such a blessing to discuss the Bible and life with friends. And as one who has been blessed by your and your husband’s involvement with youth (and this applies to you too Adela) Thank You!


  4. I have been blessed with so many wise adults in my lifetime! I remember watching all of you get together in prayer and study and I remember the excellent leaders in youth as well as TnC. My mother and and father set excellent examples and i hope to become such an example for others. This will be the second week I meet with a student to discuss The Word if you could pray from God to give me the words to answer her questions or wisdom to find the answers.


  5. Although Timothy’s father was a Greek, he was not required for circumcision according to the decision of the Jerusalem Council, in Chapter 15. I am not sure if the Bible mentioned it or not, if the Timothy’s circumcision was Paul’s idea or Timothy’s voluntary act. Either way, his willingness to waive his right for the effectiveness of God’s mission must be such an encouragement for Paul, addition to seeing the beautiful fruit bearing in Timothy, as a third generation of genuine faith, where he planted during his first missionary journey.

    A few month after David and I got married, we moved to Hawaii from Japan. On our way to come Hawaii, we went and spent a whole month in Minnesota. One morning, I got up early to use the bathroom, and as I was quietly coming down the stairs, I heard that my in-laws were praying at the dining table. I didn’t want to interrupt them by walking through the dining room, so I stayed there listening. It might be a common practice for the Christian, but for me, that was the most beautiful moment I had never seen until that day in my life. A old couple siting across the table and praying for the people they love. I still can’t forget the feeling when I heard my name in their prayer, and I know they are still keep praying faithfully for us till today.

    I am also very grateful for God has blessed me with many wonderful example of women of faith since beginning of my walk with Him. I have been learning so much from all of you ladies, thank you!!!


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