8 thoughts on “Prayer requests Intro to Philippians

  1. As all of you may know and/or read his blogs when he is on trips, George took a flight early this morning to San Francisco to attend a conference. After Sunday, he will head from there to Haiti to minister where he’s done so for the past several years. This locale is not a tenuous as some previous ones, but nonetheless requesting prayer for effectiveness, and safety & health. Most importantly, for a testimony that brings glory to God, first and foremost.. Thank you, sisters.

    I am so thankful to all of you in this Bible study. There has been a lot I’ve already learned through the readings, your comments and takes on scripture, and the general sharing, I pray you are deriving much from this study also. God be praised!


  2. My praise is that this on-line Bible study is functioning! When I first started I was clueless about how to proceed and God is helping me learn. Better than that I am happy again to have weekly fellowship with my Hawaii friends. That was such a happy time in my life and now I am getting another taste of God’s goodness together with you.


    • Yes, thank you,Lynn, for leading this study for all of us. It is great to be studying with you again. I am thankful Adela thought to ask you if you would lead us.


  3. Dear sisters in the Lord: This is a prayer request on behalf of Debbie. She has permitted me to share details as that way we can pray specifically. On Wednesday, April 6, at 1pm she will be undergoing surgery for a hysterectomy at Queen’s Hospital. She invites prayers that God guide the surgeon’s mind, eyes, and hands, as well as those of the other attending doctors. A robotic machine is involved which she trusts will be in working order. Also that there will be no complications nor infections; that her family will be at peace. Debbie is. She thanks us all for being patient in her posting; she has been reading what has been posted and has been learning along the way. They just wrapped up a weekend camp with the Japanese students who attend Mililani Community Church, and with that she can finally rest.

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  4. I am thankful for the time spent in God’s word this week. Although posting didn’t happen till this evening, I am glad for the time to keep up with this weeks Bible readings. I am most thankful for being able to study with all of you. Thank you for all of your input as i have learned much from all of you. Thank you, Adela, for posting my prayer request for my surgery on Wednesday. Sweet dreams to all.


    • Debbie, your surgery day is almost here. Cling to Him for that assurance and peace of mind , as we too will pray for a smooth and successful procedure.


  5. Dave left for Germany yesterday for his work. His trip is scheduled for about three weeks. I don’t have much details to share other than that he will be taking some kind of seminars, but I am thankful for that you will be praying for his safety and health, and that God will give him wisdom and strength whatever he has to do over there.


  6. Will definitely uphold you in prayer, Miki, as you stay back and keep the home fires burning while Dave is away. Also that safety, health, & effectiveness will be in his court while he works.


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